Satan: Who is he?

The prophet Ezekiel gave us a glimpse of Lucifer's function in God's kingdom.

  "You  were  the    anointed     cherub    who    covers;
  I established you; you  were   on  the  holy  mountain of
 (Ezekiel  28:14)

The anointed cherub who covers what?

Have you ever seen a movie depicting some primitive tribe where the king sits on his throne and on either side of the throne is a servant holding a huge feather-like fan over the throne? Such was Lucifer's function.

He was one of two cherubs who covered God's Throne with their extremely large wings.

   "And  the  cherubim  shall  stretch  out  their  wings
   above, covering the   mercy  seat  with  their   wings,   and
   they  shall  face  one  another;  the  faces of the cherubims
   shall  be  toward  the  mercy seat." (Exodus  25:20)

For thousands, and possibly millions, of years, Lucifer stood by God's Throne. He must have observed how God ran His kingdom and felt he could do it. I'm sure God sensed his ambition and reassigned him to a place he could exercise some authority. God sees the end from the beginning. I believe God sent Lucifer down to earth (the original perfect earth) to supervise other angels who were then acting as God's administrators over the earth and its (non-human) inhabitants. Recall that man had not yet been created.

Lucifer was not satisfied with his new position. He wanted to be God. He rebelled. He planned the first ever recorded military coup, that failed, in the annals of time.

  "How  you  are   fallen   from  heaven, O  Lucifer,
  son of the morning!    How  you are cut   down   to
  the  ground,  you who weakened the   nations!
  For  you  have  said   in   your heart:
  'I  will   ascend  into   heaven,  I   will  exalt  my
  throne  above the   stars of   God;    I   will  also
  sit  on the  mount  of    the congregation  on  the
  farthest   sides of  the  north; I will  ascend
  above  the  heights  of  the clouds,
  I will  be like  the  Most   High."
  (Isaiah  14:12-14)

He (Lucifer) has always been referred to as "god of this evil world" (2 Cor. 4:4). In the above passage, we hear Lucifer saying: "... I will ascend." Doesn't this imply upward mobility?

This rebellion could have moved the JUST HANDS of GOD to destroy the earth just as He did in the days of Noah, by flood.

Lucifer is the origin of sin. He was not created that way.

   "You (Lucifer) were  perfect in your ways from  the  day  you
  were created, till  iniquity  was  found  in  you." (Ezekiel 28:15)

In the above verse we see the words created and perfect together.

The Bible, sometimes, refers to angels as the sons of God or the morning star or simply stars. 'I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God ...' (Isaiah 14:13)


From the book of Revelation, we know that about one-third of the total population of angels followed Lucifer into rebellion.

   "His  (Lucifer's)  tail  drew  a  third  of   the   stars  of
   heaven and threw   them   to   the   earth.  And  the  dragon
   (Lucifer)   stood before the   woman   who   was    ready  to
   give birth,  to   devour her   child as  soon   as   it   was
   born." (Revelation  12:4)

We already know how he tried to use king Herod to kill the Baby Christ. Now we also see that all those angels who rebelled with him he had pulled down to earth to join the rebellious population that was already there. It was from earth that he wanted to "ascend into heaven."

God dealt with the problem.

   "...   God  did   not   spare  the  angels  who  sinned,  but
   cast  them down  to hell  and   delivered  them  into  chains
   of  darkness,  to be  reserved  for  judgment..."  (2 Peter  2:4)

   And  the  angels   who  did  not  keep  their  proper domain,
   but left their  own  habitation,  He  (God) has  reserved  in
   everlasting chains under  darkness  for  the judgment  of the
   great day.  (Jude  6)

I believe "their own habitation" is a reference to earth. Because these angels chose to follow a created being rather than the creator, God, for the first time, destroyed their place of habitation. The war that ensued between faithful angels and Lucifer's group (later called demons) could account for the state of the earth in Genesis 1:2 - chaotic, in confusion, waste, and empty. God then flooded the earth with water which we also see in Genesis 1:2.

Once again, note that all these took place before man was created. All the animal life was destroyed in flood, which could account for the super-aged fossils found in various archaeological excavations.

So now we know there was rebellion and war between verses 1 and 2. How much time elapsed? It is quite impossible to determine. But it is possible to guess, scientifically, how much time that elapsed between verses 2 and 3, when God said: "Let there be light." This was the beginning of our earth. God simply cleaned it up for a new breed of beings who He came to love so much - you and I. Exactly how long before He decided to clean up the messed up earth, no man really tell. A good guess will be to subtract 6,000 years from one of those multi-million year old fossils. For God, it must have seemed like just one day, even if it may have been millions of years.

   But,  beloved,  do  not  forget  this  one  thing,  that
   with the Lord one  day  is  as   a   thousand  years,  and  a
   thousand years  as one day.  (2 Peter 3:8)

Going back to the original question, then, you can begin to understand why I say that both responses - that the earth is millions of years old and at the same time 6,000 years old - may be right.

Millions of years, as used here, dates back to the Genesis expression "In the beginning, ...".

The evolutionists believe that man evolved over these millions of years. They believe that man was, at some point in time, an ape. I contend that man was created as is.

What they've dug up are definitely fossils from the original perfect earth.

Comming up: Biblical Time Line